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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting at playgroup is one of those big milestones for you and your child. It can also be a bit worrying thinking of your child leaving you, maybe for the first time. We have put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help during this period of change.

Can my child start playgroup if they are still in nappies?

We recognise that children are individual and develop at their own pace, therefore some children will not be dry when they start playgroup.   We will help you with a toilet training programme for your child and will support your chosen approach.

What snacks and drinks are provided?

We encourage children to adopt a healthy and nutritious diet, therefore we provide fruit for snacks. Drinks are restricted to water or milk. In the summer term, we may try to use produce from our garden at snack time.  Children with special requirements /allergies are accommodated. Children can help themselves to water during the morning.

How much outside physical activity do the children participate in?

We are fortunate to have a fully enclosed fenced outside play area and play equipment on a soft surface and a vegetable and flower garden. We have an outside playtime built in to the morning schedule that takes place in most weathers. This may involve structured games or free play. In the Spring /Summer time, weather permitting we take advantage of the extra space and set up the activities outside.  Please be prepared for muddy clothes and dress for mess!

Clothes to wear

It is best to wear old clothes for playgroup because Ladybirds Playgroup children may get messy. It is best to put your child in clothes that are easy to undo such as trousers and shoes with Velcro, and avoid dungarees.  This helps your child when they go to the toilet and can undo their own clothes.  Staff will help them, but as children are learning independence and maturing they do not always want this, preferring privacy.  To help with their self esteem it is important that they can achieve small targets for themselves and be like their peers.

Does the playgroup teach the children letters and help the child to write?

At playgroup we focus on mark-making, for example handling and using pencils, scissors etc that increase a child’s fine motor skills and manual dexterity in preparation for writing, and pre–reading skills e.g. singing nursery rhymes and poems, joining in stories and predicting what might happen next fm pictures. If your child wants to they will be encouraged to recognise and trace their name and letters.  Personal and social skills are extremely important for the children, so that they can learn to interact with their peers, talk in a familiar group, feel good about themselves and become independent.  We focus on this area and have good reports that this helps the children when they start at school in a positive way prior to formal education.  The foundation stage, which includes the first year at school, recognises that children need less formal learning in their early years.

My child cries whenever I leave him/her at Playgroup what should I do?

It is hard when your child cries when you leave them but it is also natural. However, if you say goodbye to your child and tell your child that you are coming back a bit later they will be less anxious and will soon become more confident leaving you.  We are generally more experienced at this than a parent because we have seen all sorts of upsets when parents leave.  We can plan a programme for you and your child but this must be based on your trust with the staff at the group.  We can only begin our relationship with your child when you have left.

Sharing and Turn Taking?

Children of this age often find it hard to take turns and share toys with their peers.   Whilst at playgroup, your child will learn to share and take turns in various ways. Sharing with a large group of children is not the same as it may be in a home environment and we are confident that the children learn these skills quite quickly. If we feel there are any problems with your child in learning to share, we will talk to you.


Please share with us any home situations that may be affecting your child.  Any conversations you have with us will be kept confidential.  Sometimes, children have ways of showing their feelings and can result in behaviour that is out of character for them at the playgroup.  This can be concerning for us as we get to know them well, but can help if we know what may be behind it.  Sometimes there is cause for concern regarding a child’s behaviour and should this be the case, we will talk to you and work out a programme together.  Our ethos is to work WITH you for the benefit of your child.

What should I do if my child can‘t attend a particular session?

If your child is ill or you are unable to attend a session due to holidays etc please phone the playgroup and let us know.

How do I know how my child is getting on?

We issue a “How is it going?” form during February that assists us with our planning and provides valuable feedback on what’s going well and any areas of concern which we will follow up.  It is not always possible or productive to give feedback daily but you are welcome to approach us for an appointment to discuss your child whenever you wish to do so.  We will talk to you if we have concerns regarding your child.

Who do I talk to if I have a concern about my child?

You can arrange to talk to the playgroup supervisors.

Why does my child not bring any pictures home? 

The ethos of the playgroup is to give the child freedom to develop their own means of self-expression and to learn to make choices. So do not be concerned if your child does not come home with any “end product”. Your child will have had the opportunity and will have taken part in a number of activities but might not have wanted to do an art creative activity.  The children are encouraged to create freely for themselves without adult intervention, for example we will not direct the child to put in for “eyes, nose and mouth” to where we, as adults believe they should be.  If you do, over time, have greater concerns regarding your child’s participation or development then do speak to us.

Why are you sometimes late opening?

In the interest of the children’s safety we have to carry out a detailed Risk Assessment each morning before playgroup can open and we take this very seriously.

My child will be going to school this year how does the playgroup help prepare him/her?

By the time the children are ready to leave they have gained many skills giving them independence in caring for themselves.  We have prepared an “Are you ready for school booklet“ with helpful hints on areas for you to think about with your child.  Our strong links with the Keelby Primary School benefit all of the families whilst they are at the playgroup.  Initial discussions throughout transition can be ongoing after a child has left our care and has joined the school – this enhances the understanding of the children, provides the history of care and development and ensures a strong continuity of care. More information will be given to the parents of Pre-school children at the appropriate time.

Coats and Wellies!

While your child is with us they will be encouraged to find their wellies and coats before we go outside to play.  This can take quite some time in the first few months.  Your child will be encouraged to try to put these items on for themselves – staff are always on hand to assist them until they are able to do this.  At school this is so very important, with one teacher the ratio of children to staff is very low and your child will need to be able to dress themselves for outdoor play. 

Child Protection

We have a duty to follow child protection guidelines.  We believe in keeping children safe and out of harm. If there are concerns, the playgroup supervisor will discuss these with you.  Please ensure you read our child protection policy.


It is of the utmost importance to us that all parents, carers and staff maintain confidentiality at all times.  We would be grateful if parents and carers who may hear or see things that they do not understand whilst at the setting, (perhaps as parent helper), speak to staff about it.  Sometimes an innocent conversation elsewhere can lead to upset and misunderstanding.  If you are uncomfortable about approaching the supervisor or staff, please talk to the Chair of the Playgroup.

As a parent or carer how can I help the Playgroup?

We are always grateful for any assistance in running the playgroup; this may be achieved by joining the voluntary committee, helping with fundraising or by coming in and talking to the children about your work or hobby. We also expect parents and carers where possible to help out at a session each term. We would love to see more dads and male carers!  Unfortunately for insurance reasons we can not allow parent helpers to accompany their child to the toilet or have parent helpers bringing in a child under the age of 2 years.

We hope you have found this useful, however if this still leaves a question unanswered then please contact the Playgroup supervisors.