Photographs showing the development of Ladybirds from the last site at the Methodist Chapel in Keelby to a permanent home within the grounds of Keelby Primary School.

We are very proud of the results of the efforts of all the staff and parent volunteers over the years, and have presented these photographs here as a way of saying thanks!

img_0094_small.jpg img_0095_small.jpg img_0102_small.jpg img_0103_small.jpg
img_0104_small.jpg img_0109_small.jpg img_0110_small.jpg img_0111_small.jpg
img_0112_small.jpg img_0125_small.jpg img_0132_small.jpg img_0133_small.jpg
img_0136_small.jpg img_0140_small.jpg img_0141_small.jpg img_0142_small.jpg
img_0143_small.jpg img_0144_small.jpg img_0145_small.jpg
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